APSS, the cornerstone of my work

“APSS helps me quickly identify the patients who most need my attention. With APSS, I can easily prioritize and document all my interventions. From my computer, I was able to monitor all antimicrobials prescribed at two different physical locations.” Julie Perron, PharmD


Patient-centred care

APSS follows the evolution of my patients and creates personalized alerts. I am informed of possible alternate treatments as soon as their condition improves or deteriorates. The focus is to improve patient care, providing optimal treatments and reducing the risks of hospital acquired infections.


A proven efficacy

In the past 2 years, APSS has been the cornerstone of the antibiotic stewardship program at a Canadian center of 720 beds. Pharmacists, prescribers, and administrators are very pleased with APSS. With a 91% interventions acceptance rate, we can say it is fully integrated into the prescribers’ practice.



APSS is the first commercially available Canadian automated Antibiotic Prescriptions Surveillance System. [more info]

ZINC implements the highest standard of nosocomial infection and prevention management. [more info]

Our products are attached to a personalized service done by the experts for the experts. [more info]

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